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Digital Illustrations

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In this service, we design anything* you want as a digital illustration. It means we use Illustrator or Photoshop to design and give you Source files and other related digital files. You can use it digitally, to print, or use for any other suitable purposes.

We can draw simple illustrations or line art to fully custom artworks in a painterly style, such as digitized portraits, pet portraits, fantasy illustration, character design, or other related illustrations. We use the most suitable Adobe software depend on your request. In some cases, you will have source files in both Illustrator and Photoshop (Ai and PSD). But in some cases, there will be only one format like watercolor illustrations in Photoshop.

In this service, prices depend on your request. But we have set some fixed prices in this service to give you an idea about the designing fees. We encourage you to contact us to establish a price we can agree on. Prices may be lower than shown or higher than shown.

If you order a more extensive illustration, we will send over a work-in-progress or some rough sketches before the final delivery for your approval. However, final designs will be delivered on time, as we mentioned here. But sometimes it depends on your reply. It means if you didn’t respond to our messages or didn’t give us your review on rough sketches, the Final delivery may be delayed. It’s not an acceptable reason for a refund.

*Requests must comply with our policies.

What will you get?

  • High-Quality Unique and Original Design(s)
  • Source Files. (Ai/ PSD/ EPS)
  • High-Quality JPEG File(s)
  • High-Quality PNG File (Always Depend on your project) 
  • Mock-up Images (Always Depend on your project)

If you need any specific file formats, let us know when you submit order requirements.


Details we need to start

1) Description for your illustration

2) If you need to put text content on your illustration, let us know

3) If you have a specific style for the illustration (Like watercolor, Line Art, Pastel, Retro, etc.)

4) Colors for the design

5) Give us if you have example designs or related designs with this order.


How do we deliver orders?

We’ll send your designs to your email address. You’ll receive an email with a “Download” button to download your all files. You can download the Zip file containing all files of the designs you ordered without source files. You can get source files once you confirm that you are satisfied with the designs you got. After we got your confirmation, we’ll send your all source files via email.

Note- You could use unzipping software like WinRAR to open the zip file you download by clicking the “Download” button.


How to complete an order?

You can see a button called “Accept the delivery” that you can use to complete the order. Once you click the button, you can send us an email to complete the order. After we got your confirmation, we’ll send your Final designs with all source file to your email.


If you have any questions, use the online chat option to get help from our agent.




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