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How Does Shopify Web Designing Service Work?

There are five steps

  1. Place your order
  2. Submit requested details
  3. Receive and review the website you ordered
  4. Accept the ownership transfer request
  5. Complete the order


How Does Shopify Web Designing Service Work?


Place your order

In the Shopify website designing service, there are multiple packages to choose from per your requirements.


  1. Shopify One Product Store
  2. Shopify General Store up to 20 Products
  3. Shopify General Store up to 50 Products
  4. Shopify Blog Website
  5. Shopify Website

Once you select your package, you can place your order. All transactions in go through Paypal and 2Ckeckout. Hence, we can guarantee it’s secure. You can use PayPal or any Credit/ Debit card to place your order confidently.


Submit requested details

We need some information to fulfil your order.

  1. Contact email (this is the email address we use when we transfer the website ownership)
  2. A brief description of the requested Web Design
  3. Product Url(s) and Description(s)
  4. Send us if you have custom policies to add to your website (Terms of Service, Delivery Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, etc.)


Receive and review the website you ordered

We deliver your website design within seven days of submitting the requested details. We will send you a confirmation once we receive your order details and when we are ready to start your order.


We will contact you once we complete your web design and when it is ready for your review. We get you via


Accept the ownership transfer request

Since we are a Shopify Partner, we create development stores per your requirements. Once we finish the designing process, we’ll send you the ownership transfer request to the email you provide in the order requirements. You can accept the request, select the Shopify plan suitable for you, and start selling. We highly recommend that you check everything is okay before selling. If you need any help, we are here for you.


Complete the order

Once you complete the owner transferring process, your order on is complete.