Delivery Policy

We’ll deliver all orders to you via our official email ( All delivery times are depending on your order. It means you have to select the time frame you wish to have your files. It usually takes 48 hours from your submission of order requirements (without paying additional fees). All orders are started* when you submit the order requirements through the page; you’ll redirect after the successful payment.


There are three time frames you have to select.

  1. Receive files in 48 hours (without paying additional fees)
  2. Receive files in 24 hours (have to pay additional fees)
  3. Receive files in 12 hours (have to pay additional fees)

What if you have few service to be brought ? 

You have to select the delivery time for each service you need to buy. Therefore, you can use the same delivery time for all services or various delivery times. All this period will count from the submission of order requirements. If you have bought a few services with the same delivery time, we will send your files simultaneously. But if you have bought services at various delivery times, you may receive files separately according to your choice.

About revisions

You can ask for revisions if you’re not happy with the designs you get, or you need to change something on the designs. It can be done by replying to the email you receive. After we receive a revision request, the revised work will be delivered within 24 hours (if you do not change your revision request). All priorities will remain according to the original time frame you select when you place the order.


* There is only one reason to be delayed your order. It’s not an acceptable reason for a refund.

You are agreed that the information will be provided accurate and complete. If that information is not complete, we will ask you, and then the order will remain inactive until you submit the information we request to start the order.

If we fail to deliver your order within the promised time, the refund will be issued asking questions.