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What is advertising graphic design?

What is advertising graphic design | explain with types | mastergraphicart

There are many tools that, as a brand, we can use to connect and attract the attention of our potential customers or consumers. And advertising graphic design is one of the main pillars.

Advertising graphic design is a fundamental part of these tools, as it is the key that allows us to enhance the effectiveness of a message through the correct use of symbols and graphic signs.

Advertising design goes beyond creating a beautiful message, as it is the most creative branch of design.

Through the different stages of graphic design that a job goes through, the designer must be very creative, as it is a bet for the brand. It is also a channel that allows us to connect with the target audience to generate conversation.

We know how much you can achieve through advertising graphic design since we apply it with our clients, so we tell you what it is and what its main characteristics are.

What is advertising graphic design?

Advertising graphic design is the tool where the maximum creativity of two worlds converges: design and advertising.

This branch of design is responsible for creating visual content with intention. In other words, in addition to designing, he inserts signs and symbols into his arts that convey ideas, messages, emotions, and even sensations.

Advertising design is a communication channel with our audience. If we use it correctly, it will allow us to connect and generate conversation, empathy, desire to buy, or any other purpose that we have as a brand.

The key to success, then, is to plan a communication strategy and ensure that the advertising design complies with these approaches and transmits, of course, the correct message. Advertising design is the means and the end of a brand's visual communication.

Graphic design and digital advertising

There are many resources where we can use advertising graphic design, such as billboards, packaging, catalogs, brochures, logos, etc.

However, nowadays, advertising graphic design is having a great boom in the world of digital marketing. It is being used as a tool to capture the target audience's attention through blogs, websites, applications, and, of course, social networks.

Every day we may stumble upon an advertisement on the Internet, sweepstakes on Instagram, or a simple survey on Twitter, and we do not notice anything relevant in it.

However, behind each color, typeface, sign, or symbol that make up a publication are inserted the key messages that we receive from the advertising design.

To finalize the definition of advertising graphic design, we must say that it is a visual tool. It creates a cognitive effect so that our target audience remembers, knows, perceives, and receives a specific message and that, in turn, generates an action.

Advertising design features

Advertising graphic design is not only used for external communication of a brand or company. This type of design can also be related to other areas of a company to encourage an internal campaign, improve business communication, retain employees and improve the sense of belonging.

For the advertising design to be effective, there must be a previous analysis of visual communication. The colors and the shape are not as important as the message that they should convey. Adequate research is synonymous with a successful design.

Advertising graphic design must always be linked to the image and identity of the brand. Therefore, it must respect colors, logos, and fonts pre-established in a commercial identity manual.

The advertising graphic design must be linear in any means of dissemination, be it social networks, television, brochures, catalogs, or the current digital signage. Having different arts in each medium would be a visual communication error.

Types of advertising graphic design

There are many ways to take advantage of advertising design, and it is worth looking at the different types of this branch to recognize which of them is most useful for our campaigns.

We are going to see the main types of advertising graphic design and what they consist of.

Advertising design

Advertising design refers to all those graphic skills focused on the sale or promotion of products. Advertising is an industry that needs a lot of fresh wind and originality. So advertising graphic design is an indispensable part of this gear.

We find the corporate image, user experience design, and user interface within this type of advertising design, known as UX and UI, illustration, and art direction.

Advertising design is the broadest and most trending type of advertising graphic design. It constitutes a huge world where many activities converge.

Web design

What is advertising graphic design - Web design

Web design as an advertising design focuses on those pages with a direct promotional purpose. It goes beyond the static and more classic web pages, applying innovation and originality.

Within this branch, we find code development and programming, interactive apps, virtual and augmented reality, and of course, the UI / UX application.

Somehow we can say that advertising design focuses on creating websites from the most cutting-edge and innovative trends to offer proposals focused on the sale of brands.

Audiovisual design

We could quickly understand it as all those ads in video format for the advertising industry. It is one of the most established and recognized bases of advertising graphic design.

In addition, the audiovisual design currently has expanded to new areas that include 3D design, texture modeling, animation design, or visual effects.

Logo Design

The company logo is one of the most challenging creations that advertising graphic design has in charge of. Since the notoriety of the brand, its easy recognition and eye-catching depend on this art.

There are many types of famous logos, but it is necessary to analyze which is the one that best suits the company's communication strategy and brand. Quickly identify a company or product through its logo. That's the goal!

Design of printed or digital catalog

There are those who opt for print, others for digital. It does not matter! When it comes to catalogs, advertising graphic design must awaken the customer's buying interest and highlight the product or service attributes. And, above all, that it is made with high-quality images, eye-catching, and used correctly.

Digital marketing

Internet and social networks have become the most widely used portal to publicize a product or service and viral content.

The website, the Instagram profile, or the Facebook fan page are excellent windows and commercial channels. To disseminate messages, digital content, catalogs, and other content enhanced through advertising graphic design to meet its objective.

In other words, the majority of advertising graphic design converges in digital marketing actions. Advertising in digital media is booming and allows a lot of innovation. More and more, it has become the safe bet of new and old companies.

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