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What are the stages of graphic design?

What are the stages of graphic design? - MasterGraphicart

Any creative process is not only the fruit of imagination but also involves analysis and study. But what are the stages of creative design? Well, they are very similar to those of any other artistic technique and, if you want to know them, stay with us because this is one of the services we offer at We are going to share our secrets with you!
First of all, you should know that there are several types of graphic design. Once with this in mind, think that the trick is to start building the house from the feet, not the roof; And, based on this, the steps that design professionals have internalized are the following.

Initial analysis

Talking with the client should be the starting point of any graphic design project because the first thing to know is what the company requesting our services is looking for. Knowing your vision, mission, and values ​​can help us to have a broader perspective of it, not only of what you sell or offer but also of how you want to do it.

Meeting with the client is essential to collect the information that he considers appropriate and requests the one we need. If the customer already has something in mind, it is important to write it down as well. Only by doing it this way will he get a satisfying job.

During this stage, it is also important to set the deadlines to be followed in the rest of the process stages. For example, we will have to arrange another meeting with the client to show him the sketches.


The work is no longer with the client but is the responsibility of the designers. You have to do brainstorming to see what new ideas we can add to those that we have already collected during the previous meeting and gradually add them and integrate them. The larger the map on which we are going to work, the less it will cost us to design something interesting.


This is the key stage of the process and where many professionals make some of the most common mistakes in graphic design. Advertising graphic design is the moment in which the work will begin to be visible. It consists of following all the previous studies, creating sketches and drafts on which to support. It is convenient to propose more than one idea so that, once we take it to the client, he can see several options and choose the one that he likes the most and that, also, best represents the company. If there is a specific sketch that we like a lot, we can design it in different colors, or even if the brand has a corporate color, do it in different shades of the same color range. Many graphic design programs can help us find the image we want to communicate.

Once all this is done, it is time to present it to the client. If we have listened to all the guidelines that you have given us, and from the beginning, we have understood what you wanted, and there is nothing to worry about. However, as we have already said, these are drafts. Thanks to the notes and nuances that the client gives us, we will be able to make small adjustments until we reach what we are looking for with something on the table. Only then will we have a 100% satisfied customer!


The creative process is already finished at this stage, and it only remains to bring it to light. It is advisable to program when we will launch it to do it instantly on all media. However, we will have to decide beforehand if we want to launch it in a beta phase, a test phase. Here it will be the customer who decides.
Why is graphic design important?

Now that we know what the graphic design stages are, we can only understand something else. Why is this important? Very simple, the success of a campaign resides in whether or not it can penetrate the public we want to address.
To understand how many advertisements do you know by heart? All of these come together in the heap of successful campaigns, and something similar happens with graphic design. What do you know what the logo of large corporations is like? Its image, its representation, and as such, it is thought out and cared for in detail.

At, this is precisely what governs us. A company's success depends on a large set of factors, and the image that we want to convey and convey to our future clients is one more leg of all that conglomerate.

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