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Tricks to draw better and unleash all your creativity

Tricks to draw better and unleash all your creativity

Do you like to draw but are you still one of those who say that it is not your strong suit or that yours are only circles and sticks? We are sure that after knowing the ten tricks to draw better than we have to tell you, your speech will change.

Remember that you don't have to be a professional to achieve it; trust what you do and practice the tricks to draw in pencil that works best for you.

The tricks to draw well do not refer precisely to the step-by-step process of making a drawing but to what you must consider during that creative process to achieve a better technique and find inspiration.

Get a pencil and paper ready, and let's start bringing your ideas to life.

The ten tricks to draw better with them you will succeed

We come to the most anticipated moment, where we gather ten tricks to draw better, spark your creativity, and fall in love with drawing as much as we do.

If you already have the most helpful pencil according to your drawing purpose, the eraser, if you have to remove something from your drawing or add some unique detail and your sketchbook to fill it with creative ideas, you are good to go. Here we tell you the ten tricks to draw better that you were waiting for.

1. Trick to draw: find your style

This might sound very abstract, but the first tip to draw well is to find your style because it is you who permeates your personality and creativity to what you are doing. So don't worry about trying to match a drawing you saw online. Being authentic will take you far.

Since it is not easy to find a style overnight, first analyze what type of drawing you like the most, whether it is drawing animals, anatomy, drawing anime, or looking for something more realistic. After this, seek inspiration from expert artists on the subject and learn from them.

What do you think of the illustration of portraits with pencils? It is a hazardous but not impossible drawing technique.

2. Trick to draw better: observation

This drawing technique is closely related to the previous one because you must dedicate yourself to observing after finding inspiration. But why if what you want is to go to the line?

It is recommended "to spend 80% of the time observing and 20% drawing" because, in this way, you identify patterns, shadows, lines, and all the details that will make your drawing more realistic. So do not forget this trick to draw because the result of an incredible illustration depends on observation.

After observing, trace the drawing, but don't put the original aside. Observe it from time to time to make sure you are going in the correct direction. This drawing tip is ideal when you are illustrating existing drawings.

If, for example, you will make a drawing from scratch, take pauses as you go forward to review how it is looking, so you identify possible flaws or aspects to improve to be polished. This drawing trick will help you analyze perspectives or congruences in the shapes of your strokes.

3. Trick to draw better: learn techniques in tutorials

We said before that "nothing like finding your style." However, we must recognize that we do not know all of it and that looking for tips to draw well on the internet will be very useful to improve your technique.

4. Trick to draw: be critical of your drawings

A tip to draw well is to review what you are doing to identify possible opportunities for improvement, solve them and develop your technique.

We know that at some point, we all can fall in love with what we do, but the critical look is also helpful to continue falling in love after correcting. It is a way to improve ourselves and a trick to draw better.

5. Trick to draw: feed your imagination

Inspiration can come out of nowhere, but you can help it too by feeding your imagination. How? Reading is a great option. Although we are talking about something graphic, a great tip to draw well is to read fantastic stories or novels. With these, you can generate ideas about characters, appearances, emotions, among others.

6. Drawing techniques: do it when you are inspired

You already know how to get inspired, but another critical recommendation to draw well is to do it when you are motivated. That way, curiosity will be part of your day, and you will be more open to learning new tricks to draw better.

Remember to take advantage of every moment to look around you and get new ideas. If something occurs to you even in public transport, take advantage of those moments to make your strokes and apply the other tips to draw that you have already learned.

7. Drawing techniques: practice makes perfect

Tricks to draw better and unleash all your creativity | Trick to draw: master lines and shapes

Do not let a long time pass from one drawing to another so that starting again is not an obstacle. One of the tricks to draw well and constantly is to draw challenges on social networks that motivate you to get your best and translate it into a drawing.

And if you can't find them, create a personal challenge: a daily drawing, a drawing of the last place you visited, a picture to give as a gift. In each one, you can apply professional drawing techniques and improve your practice.

Don't forget to carry your wooden pencils and your sketchbook with you! At any time, you can find inspiration and start drawing it with the tricks to draw in pencil.

8. Trick to draw: master lines and shapes

In general, our drawings are made up of lines and shapes, hence the importance of knowing how to master them. That is why in this tip to draw better. We tell you how to enhance this technique.

The first thing you should do is draw parallel lines on a sheet, trying to make them as straight as possible. You can vary the stroke angles. The important thing is that you practice this tip to draw well and control the movements of your wrist.

Try the same with the figures, making circles, squares, and others quickly. This will improve your freehand drawing technique.

9. Trick for drawing: shading

Shading gives our drawings depth and volume, making them even more real, so this base to draw well will be very useful to achieve very professional results.

Keep in mind that the shadow in your drawings will have an intensity according to how close it is to the object. If there is more light, there is more shadow. If there is less light impact, the shadow is longer, and if the thing is far, the shadow is more blurred. What do you think of this tip to draw well?

10. Tips for drawing: experiment

You already have some infallible drawing techniques to achieve the best strokes. Now experiment and find what you are passionate about. You do this by trying methods such as charcoal, watercolors, or clay, among others.

Also, look for the style that best suits your personality and abilities, such as realism, anime, comic, or anime. When we experiment, we learn drawing techniques that make us all experts. You can even start getting into digital drawing.

One last tip for drawing is to stretch your hands to avoid cramps and make your drawings much more fluid.

You are ready to create and imagine! We hope you become an expert in drawing and apply these ten techniques to draw better, which will undoubtedly fuel this passion for strokes.

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