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The advantages of Illustrator that will make you fall in love with this program

The advantages of Illustrator that will make you fall in love with this program - MasterGraphicart

If you move into the world of graphic design or are interested in what it has to do with it, indeed, you are looking for a program to capture all your visual ideas. In this article, we stay with the advantages of Illustrator.

It is not that we take sides in favor of Adobe Illustrator or Ai, as it is known among illustrators, we will simply give some points of view of why this software can be your best friend and help you get out of trouble, or that you can create incredible things and understand what Illustrator is for and why it is so popular.

So we will tell you about some of the advantages of Illustrator and the characteristics of the orange box tool that will make your life easier every time you want to work with vector graphics in design.

What is Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator (Ai) is a vector graphics editor that is focused on artistic creation for illustration. It is trendy among designers for Illustrator's benefits in scaling images without losing quality, offering precision in the creation of shapes, editing graphic design vectors for your future compositions, and a toolbar for creating. 

One of Adobe Illustrator's advantages is the possibility of working with graphic vectors, since "they are images created with mathematical formulas, which, compared to raster drawings (also known as bitmaps or raster images) are created with colored pixels. If you enlarge a pixel-based drawing of a raster file too much, it will look poorly defined, while a vector drawing can be enlarged to any size without negatively affecting its appearance," explains the Adobe blog.

As you can see, a vector is an image whose size can be enlarged or reduced without affecting the quality. Indeed you have worked with Photoshop, or we have all been users of Paint. These programs work based on pixels, affecting their quality if you reduce or enlarge their size. Do you understand the advantages of Illustrator for the life of the designer?

What is Adobe Illustrator for?

You may be wondering what Illustrator tools are for and what jobs can be done in them. Illustrator's most common uses are creating logos, illustrating posters, infographics, and generating icons as graphic resources. Surely you have heard the phrase: "I'm going to vectorize the drawing," well, now you know perfectly what it means and, of course, what Illustrator is for.

What are the benefits of Illustrator?

Illustrator is a versatile program, especially for handling vectors that we mentioned before since they offer us one of the main advantages of Adobe Illustrator: preserving the quality of the images and the possibility of modifying each of the vectors that are part of an image.

For you who were waiting to know all the Illustrator's advantages to choose it as your design program, the time has come. In addition to the quality of the images, these are other positive aspects of this graphics program:

Adobe Illustrator weight is lighter

As updates go by, the benefits of Illustrator take on more force. One of them is that it is lighter compared to other programs like Corel Draw, for example. Images can take up less disk space than a bitmap. In other words, the less information to create the image, the smaller the file size will be.

Better work experience

What are the features, and what is Illustrator for? According to Fude Distance Learning, "Many designers choose Adobe Illustrator as their favorite design program because it gives them a better visual work experience thanks to the smart guides. This resource allows to align and perfectly distribute the objects as they are drawn and placed in the design".

Graphics adapted to vector design

Adobe Illustrator features will allow you to work very comfortably since the controllers and the graphical interface are made to work with vectors and graphic brushes.

Illustrator is compatible with Windows and Mac

As you read it, with the Adobe Illustrator program for the design, you do not have to stress about the operating system because it runs well on both. This allows for greater functionality.

Among Illustrator's advantages, we must also mention the possibility of importing a wide variety of formats such as SWF, JEPG, PSD, PNG, and TIIF, among others.

A comfortable program

Another point to highlight in the advantages of Illustrator tools is how this software is handled. As we mentioned above, vectors are totally dynamic, so your work is entirely flexible. Besides, the latest updates already allow formats that you can animate. Without a doubt, a program that does not stop giving us surprises.

Easy to access

One of the main advantages of Illustrator is how organized this software can be since its menu has very intuitive tools, such as geometric figures, free shapes, selection tools, the pen with which you vectorize, and you outline figures, and the hand, which allows us to move around the work table quickly without using the mouse scroll.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is another advantage of Illustrator tools because "it allows you to create realistic drawings with different perspectives. For example, the program makes it possible to elaborate one, two, or three points of the linear perspective. Within this module, the perspective grid tool is straightforward to work with," says Posa creative studio.

Color output printing

Although in Illustrator we work most of the time for the web with RGB colors, if you wonder what Illustrator is for in printing, it is because "in professional environments, sometimes you need to print separating the colors. With Illustrator it can be done without any problem and, most importantly, without losing quality in the process".

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