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Six Tips for Communicating Well with Your Graphic Designer

Six Tips for Communicating Well with Your Graphic Designer

Whether it is about your existence, your products, your expertise, a promotion, you need to be talked about it. And you have understood that a picture is always better than a long speech.

However, your approach could prove to be particularly frustrating if you cannot communicate using the graphic designer you have chosen. However, it is not that complicated.

Be Precise

Provide your designer with all the information they need. The reasons why you call on him, the presentation of your company, your values, the message you want to convey.

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The details will allow him to get to know you better, which is essential since he will be, if not your spokesperson, at least your design spokesperson!

Tell him who your communication campaign is aimed at, what your target is, what tone you want to use.

Do not hesitate to share with him the briefs and specifications that may have been established during the development of your graphic charter if you already have one. If not, check what items you need to present to your designer.

Discuss your tastes and colors

You are not necessarily a fan of purple backgrounds with yellow dots. Say it. On the other hand, if you are a fan of blue, it would be a shame not to mention it.

Customer Relations Graphic Designers

Show your designer other campaigns or logos that you like or dislike. It will thus have a better indication of the direction in which you wish to go.

You are the customer, and even if the graphic designer is a professional, knows the trends and the types of graphics that work, he may not know what you have in mind.

Open Your Calendars

As soon as you request a quote, it may be helpful to specify what your deadlines are. Because the word "quickly" does not have the same meaning for everyone.

And because you would waste time, and you would also waste time for the graphic designer, if you need a poster for the following week when his schedule will not allow you to provide it to you. But which you did not mention that "little detail" as soon as you have entered into a relationship.

Specify Your Budget

You have probably already inquired about the average budget for a logo, graphic identity, or other. Most graphic designers will give you quote proposals before they get to work.

But you can also indicate at your request what your average budget is.

Some graphic designers are likely to offer you adapted offers depending on the amount you are willing to pay them. There may be fewer modifications possible, fewer initial proposals. But you will know why you are paying.

Good Accounts Make Good Friends!

It is not once a document leaves with the impression that it is necessary to realize that there is an error on your telephone number! Your graphic designer cannot be held responsible for errors once you have validated his project.

So always take the time to carefully review the documents he submits to you, down to the smallest detail. It would be a shame to start a collaboration that could endure a misunderstanding that is embarrassing for everyone!

The Respect

If you call on the service of a graphic designer or a web designer, it is because you need their expertise, skills, and support for your projects. It is generally quite frowned upon to receive advice on knowledge and tell how to do your job. What is the point of asking for these services? Yes, I would say it because it happens, unfortunately. Communicating well with your graphic designer also means respecting working hours and avoiding calling him at 8:00 p.m., for example, or even later. Although if he is sometimes brought to work late, he also has a private life. It might not be brilliant to recall it, but it is essential.

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