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Seven qualities that make you a revolutionary designer

Seven qualities that make you a revolutionary designer - MasterGraphicart

Today many people are unaware of the fundamental role of a designer in society. This is not someone who just designs an idea to solve a problem. We believe that a designer is that person with revolutionary ideas who, many times, breaks with the paradigms already established and who, also, is inspired by everything that exists around him.

We know that design is present wherever we go, even in our home. There is a design in that painting hanging in your room, on the cover of your favorite book or album, in the video game that you play online with your friends, on a device as close as your smartphone, and even on a small object like a coin.

And if the design is in everything we see, that means that designers have changed the world and continue to do so. That is their role, and today we want to recognize them.

How to identify a revolutionary designer?

  1. He's a problem solver.

Every revolutionary designer has the prowess to solve problems. For example, the graphic designer solves visual communication problems; the industrial designer solves functionality problems between users and the objects they use; and the UX designer solves interaction problems between users and their functional environment (machines, places, etc.), and so on.

Therefore, regardless of the area, a designer committed to change will always show concrete results and will be willing to focus his knowledge and skills to improve people's lives. As it does? Resolving the difficulties between people and the articles or devices they use or the places they live or frequent.

  1. Has broad sensitivity and empathy

The above is strongly linked to this point. How can a designer identify the difficulties of others if he does not have an enormous sensitivity first? How could you know there is a problem if you can't put yourself in someone else's shoes?

A designer seeking to change the world with his work must be someone with the ability to understand others' emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Only then can you become an agent of change.

  1. Experimenting, playing, and creating is their way of life.

A revolutionary designer is a curious person who is "cooking" ideas in his mind all the time. This leads to many questions and concerns. Therefore, he is also someone who frequently seeks answers. How do you get to or get close to them? Experiment, play games, smudge, take notes, cross out ideas, and start repeatedly.

During his creative process, he studies, perceives, and rehearses. He does not usually dismiss any ideas because he knows that the best projects can come from a single word or image. In general, he is very observant and has the facility to notice the details that others do not usually see.

If we had to summarize this point in one sentence, that would be "a creative adult is a child who has survived."

  1. Recognize your comfort zone and know when to get out of it.

A designer with revolutionary ideas constantly questions himself and wonders if he is motivating him to keep moving because he knows that conformism or comfort lulls the creative spirit.

Therefore, you will always be looking to make changes in your routine or in yourself. Or acquiring new experiences, skills, and knowledge. He is a professional who will always be willing to continue learning and discover other looks.

  1. Think of the community before the individual.

This type of designer knows that a product's development should not benefit only a few but should generate a broad social impact. This task is one of your greatest challenges because to achieve it. You will need to create synergy with other actors or leaders; This way, you will be able to impact beyond a specific group.

  1. It feeds on cinema, culture, and literature, etc.

How to identify a revolutionary designer? If the designer in front of you is nourished at a creative level by everything around him, especially the arts, cinema, culture, and literature, then yes. In that case, he is a designer who probably is looking for how to revolutionize the world with his ideas.

As we mentioned above, it is about a person who is continually looking for concepts or new ideas to inspire him.

  1. Use technology to revolutionize.

Technology has always been the great ally of the most important changes, and a designer who seeks to revolutionize the world with his ideas knows this very well. Therefore, he uses it to enhance his talent. And in the case of a UX designer, to bring technology closer to people in a friendly and functional way.


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