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Importance of having attractive designs in advertising campaigns

Importance of having attractive designs in advertising campaigns - MasterGraphicart

Every day we see or hear some commercial, so much so that it has become part of our daily lives. We have even blamed it for some eating disorders, problems with the acceptance of our body, or the origin of our addiction to consumption; the truth is that, guilty or not, advertising is nothing more than information. Its goal is to tell the world that you have something interesting to offer. It can be about anything: from an event, a new product line, a political campaign, pricing information, or simply reinforcing the brand's image.

In the business world, advertising is a great help, a vital tool for success. When used correctly, you can build brand credibility and trust to become the best option in consumers' minds.

If nobody knows you, they will not buy from you

No matter how good or effective what you offer to the market is, it is a fact that people prefer to consume what they know. Consumers are not investigating, nor are they aware of what is new to sell and, that is why, if you do not advertise yourself, you do not exist.

On the other hand, it is also common to think that the purpose of an advertising campaign is to tell as many people as possible that you have something to sell; However, the task of advertising is to turn any product or service into something that stands out from the rest to reach a specific type of audience. It is not true that the better known a product is, the more likely it will be consumed.

For advertising to be effective, an emotional connection with the consumer is required; that is, the information transmitted can make people feel something about the product. The customer needs to feel emotionally connected to the message to build brand loyalty, which ultimately translates into higher sales.

The ability of advertising to reach the masses and create awareness on various issues is incredible; it not only seeks to position a brand but indirectly promotes education, knowledge, principles, and customs to the audience. Consumers are not going to buy from you just because they see something advertised on the subway or social media, but because these products and services meet their deepest needs for community, idealism, and creativity. Hence the importance of creating a good campaign inspires and projects the same values โ€‹โ€‹of the target to which it is directed.

Advertising is the reflection of the time and the society in which we live, so much so that you can know a nation's ideals through its advertisements. It is constantly updated to adapt to the social and cultural changes that are taking place; And at the same time that it adapts, it must have the capacity to exert a significant influence on our conviction of consumption.

A well-executed design will make sales go up

Visual communication is of vital importance to transmit a message directly to the public. Today, the world is dominated by images and symbols that affect our understanding and condition us when making decisions. For this, graphic design plays a leading role in the advertising media because it helps us communicate the values โ€‹โ€‹of a product or service clearly and effectively without suffering from double interpretations or confusion.

The role of graphic design in advertising is to create advertising pieces that inform and motivate consumers to purchase the product or service and can cover different elements such as corporate identity, logo creation, advertising design, corporate catalog design, brochures of advertising, editorial design, promotional campaigns, signage, packaging design and stand design, among others.

As we already mentioned, the message to be transmitted must be accompanied by an emotional connection, so the designer investigates in advance the interior of the people to whom it is addressed, to understand their cognitive, perceptual, and emotional processes in order to the information is understood and, above all, leaves a mark on the audience. Furthermore, until this process has passed, the consumer is expected to understand the brand built and acquire the advertised product or service.

When a design is only a tool used to sell

Unfortunately, the design is going through an identity crisis, since it is common for many companies or agencies to settle for "knowledgeable people" who focus only on the technical aspect, concerned about using design or animation programs, but without getting involved think that design is not just a practical matter, but a matter that has more connotations within it.

Most likely, an announcement made by a person without knowledge will not convey the message that we want to communicate effectively. Therefore, an advertiser must invest in an excellent graphic design, with an optimal presentation, endowed with character, and, above all, different from the competition.

The designer has the duty and responsibility to know and inform himself about the needs of the public he is addressing since what is intended is to generate changes in both their attitudes and their behaviors. To do this, a recount of information and a successful spiritualization must be made to create an arrangement of colors, shapes, photographs, and others. The following elements to take into account are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • The desired audience you want to reach
  • Product or service offered
  • Sociocultural level of the target
  • Target audience needs

There are advertising or marketing strategies that spend large amounts of money to reach the largest number of people and saturate the advertising spaces appearing in all possible formats and at any time of the day; however, there are brands that on a low budget "leave you speechless with their advertising." Such is Converse's case, with its Made by your campaign, a communication strategy based on telling stories through art, design, and creativity, produced globally and aimed at consumers from different parts of the world.

As you can see, advertising graphic design creates beautiful arts to sell and is in charge of assembling, advising, guiding, directing, and managing projects that have to do with communicating a brand in various channels.

Graphic design is not a sales tool but an "emotional" bridge between a product or service and the end consumer, which must be capable of transmitting a clear visual message, highly attractive, and with a high-class creative innovation in the market.

The difference between saturating all media with an ad that only says "buy me" to a design that reaches your consumers' hearts or minds will make a difference in sales and long-term presence in the market.

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