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4 tips for creating your visual identity

4 tips for creating your visual identity - MasterGraphicart

In order to achieve your visual identity in the best conditions and to be sure
that it corresponds to your needs and objectives, several factors must be
taken into account. In this article, discover 4 tips for creating your visual
As a reminder: a visual identity is a set of graphic elements that will define
your business and make you recognizable at first glance. This involves a logo,
a color palette, typographies, patterns…. Each of these elements will send a
message. It is therefore important that this message be well defined.

Tip # 1: Share your values.

It is important to highlight your values in order to attract customers who share
the same ambitions as you.
Your values will define who you are and what you offer. It is important that we
feel "this little extra" in your image, and you must absolutely take this element
into account when creating your visual identity.

➢ Do you make cold personified soaps? Your approach is ecological and
➢ You are a producer of honey: nature and animal welfare are your
➢ Are you a cheese maker? You showcase local know-how and products.
➢ Are you a restaurateur? You cook seasonal products in a healthy and
ecological approach.
No need to force yourself: analyze your service or your products and
remember why you took the initiative in this area.

Tip # 2: Define your positioning.

The positioning of a brand or a company defines the image it conveys. It is
important to make the right choice of positioning according to your values and
your target customers (see the last tip). Your positioning will allow you to
create your offers, define your prices and target your future communication
Therefore, it is important to think about your positioning at the beginning of
the creation of your business. Because the image you send will not be the
same if you want to sell your products in delicatessens in markets in your

Tip # 3: Stand out from the competition

One thing is certain: you are not alone! And yes, you have competitors, or you
will have them, and that's normal. It is therefore important to differentiate
yourself and show your added value within your visual identity:
➢ Highlight your strengths; a new product on the market, an original
concept…. Bet on that "little extra".
➢ Your values. As explained in the first point, your values define you and
make you unique: reveal yourself!
➢ Bet on high-impact communication: original packaging, offbeat graphic
code… make bold choices if your sector is very competitive in order to
stand out and make an impression.

Tip # 4: Define your ideal client.

Fourth and last tip to achieve a coherent visual identity: Define your target
customers. You can't please everyone. It is therefore important to know whom
you want to please. But how? By creating a visual identity that speaks to your
ideal client:
Some elements to define this ideal client:

➢ How old is he?
➢ Is it a man? A woman?
➢ Where does he live?
➢ What are these consumption habits?
➢ What is he looking for?
➢ What is he attracted to?
➢ What communication channel does he use? ( Instagram, Facebook ...)

Targeting your customer allows you to create an image that speaks to and
attracts him. Your speech to him will be coherent, and a relationship of trust
can be established.
Here are some keys to help you conceptualize your visual identity. Taking
these 4 factors into account will help you define your offer and therefore meet
your objectives. This process will allow you to establish a clear image of your
offer, and you will establish a relationship of trust with your customers because
your products will have been designed for them.

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