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21 Advantages of having an online catalog

21 Advantages of having an online catalog - MasterGraphicart

Catalogs are the perfect tool to show in detail the properties of our products.

Thanks to technological advances and digital marketing, catalogs, like commerce, have evolved so much that they have migrated to the digital world.

It is a fact: the paper age has little time left.

Making an online catalog is the best option you can take to show your offer in detail, differentiate yourself from the competition, and be a sustainable, practical, and modern company. No matter the size of your business, migrating from the printed catalog to the digital catalog is, by far, a mandatory challenge for small and medium-sized businesses.

For this reason, at MasterGraphicart, we have prepared a list with 21 advantages of having an online catalog. Take a look, and don't resist the change!

Why it is worth having a digital catalog

Digital catalogs offer endless advantages to both SMEs and large companies.

Let us know then what are the advantages of having an online catalog.

The best way to attract customers.

Creating an online catalog is a very simple tool to be closer to your potential customers because you are offering your users the opportunity to find you where they will look for you: the Internet.

Organize your offer.

Virtual catalogs allow you to sort information, classify it, display characteristics, and visually show your products' aptitudes attractively and simply for the user.

The space you deserve.

How many times have you removed products from your printed catalog to save paper, ink, and printing costs? Digital catalogs are as broad as your needs, so you can include as many products as the information you require.

Effective distribution.

When you opt for a digital catalog, the distribution process is simpler and more immediate. The virtual catalogs are sent via email and, of course, are posted on the website.

Cost savings.

Online catalogs are much cheaper, you do not have to print them, and they do not suggest paper, ink, distribution, printing, and design expenses. You will save money!


The catalog, being available online or sent by email, is for immediate distribution, which allows you to reduce processes and save time to use it in other tasks.

An interactive version of your company.

The client interacts with the catalog in a friendly way, which allows the user to choose what they want to see while browsing.

Digital searches.

For clients, there is a plus that is worth gold: the immediacy of results.

With an online catalog, you offer your users the opportunity to quickly and easily search for the products they want to buy.

More communication with your audience.

Through the information that your users provide while using the online catalog, you will interact more effectively with them, knowing what they want, what they are looking for, and what they need that you do not have.

Best inventory order.

Managing a digital catalog also helps you keep up to date with the availability of current warehouse products. In this way, the consumer will also know whether or not to hurry to make the purchase.

Immediate update.

The online catalog is a very easy digital platform to edit and update in a few minutes. This guarantees that all your users will always have the latest version available.

Visual conquest.

You can use different visual resources such as photographs, videos, info-graphics, and animations to win your user's attention and interest in your brand or products.

They help with web positioning.

The digital catalog increases your presence as a brand and company on the Internet. This helps make your products known more easily and reinforce the image that your customers have of you.

Do not close.

Digital catalogs are like e-commerce: they are always available. This feature is very useful to generate sales at any time, especially in countries with another time zone.

Custom database.

Depending on the information you ask your users to subscribe to receive the catalog, you can get a database segmented by tastes, interests, age, and gender. This will help you generate individual offers.

Welcome to e-commerce.

When making a digital catalog, you must generate an online ordering and sales process through electronic platforms such as transfers or credit cards.

They are suitable for all businesses.

From a restaurant to a small neighborhood haberdashery, you can benefit from migrating to a digital catalog. This tool is designed for small and medium-sized companies.

They are sustainable.

Taking care of the planet we inhabit is becoming increasingly important, and reducing paper printing is a great way to do that. Remember, sustainable companies are more appreciated by their audience.

They are cheap.

When you decide to make a virtual catalog, you will have to pay an initial cost that includes the platform's design, photographs, and creation. Then, you only have to update the catalog when necessary and for very little money.

Variety of actions for the client.

When creating an online catalog, you can include a series of actions for your clients to give you more information about them. For example, receive discount alert mail, evaluate the purchase service, recommend other users, share a product via email or social networks.

Market study.

You will be able to obtain an analysis of your users' best-selling products and statistics that will help you know your market and your audience's behavior like never before.

How much does it cost to create an online catalog?

First of all, you should bear in mind that an online catalog tailored to you will always be cheaper than a printed catalog. There are many platforms to create one for free but be careful! Because cheap can be expensive.

But the price of an online catalog can vary depending on the resources that each client needs: platform design, graphic design, photographs ...

The most appropriate thing is to opt for a unique catalog adapted to your business, a personalized version that makes your brand stand out, and by far, from the competition.

At MasterGraphicart, we are professionally dedicated to designing digital catalogs for all types of companies, taking care of the entire production process until the end.

Go digital and take that leap that you need to stand out once and for all!

All you have to do is get in touch with us, tell us what you have in mind, and at MasterGraphicart, we will make it happen.

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